Application for Bonafide Certificate [2024]

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Bonafide certificate is very important on different occasions. It is often used by students when applying for scholarships, looking for employment, and furthering their studies. Also, it certifies whether the student is staying in the college hostel or seeking accommodation outside the campus of the institution. Certificate is very important when students are taking educational loan or taking account of it in research program.

Application For Bonafide Certificate 1

Application For Bonafide Certificate

The principal,
[College/School Name]
[School/College Address]
Sub:- Application for Bonafide Certificate
Please issue me with the Bonafied Certificate of my son/daughter.
The necessary particulars are given below:
Dear madam,
I am Mr./Mrs. ,
Parents/Guardian of Mast/Miss_______________________________________________________________
Studying in Std. ___ Div. __________for Academic Year 2023 – 2024.

Student Details:- Name of the student ______________________________________________________
Std :- _ Div ______ Date of Birth ________________________________
Caste ____________________________________________________________
Birth Place ________________________________________________________________
Please issue me with the Bonafied Certificate of my son/daughter.
The necessary particulars are given above.

(Signature of Parents)

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Sample for Bonafide Certificate Application

The principal,
[Institution Name].
Subject: [Application for the Bonafide Certificate
Respected Sir/Madam,
It is to be stated that I am a student of A-Levels in your reputed institution. I want to open my personal Student Savings Account in the National Bank and for that reason; they require a Bonafide Certificate so that I can identify myself as a student from the school.
I would be grateful if you can issue me the Bonafide certificate. Hope to get a quick response from you. I shall be highly gratified for this act.
Yours Obediently
[Registration Number],

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