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So friends, in today’s article I am going to tell you about Child Day Poem in English which is quite easy. And apart from this we are going to tell you many more information. So friends, we have written many poems for you, which will inspire us, this poem is also opportunistic, encouraging for you people, you will get good learning in all these poems and poem on Children’s Day, we have written all these poems for you. It is written entertainingly. We have a poem for you on Children’s Day, in which we have written a lovely poem about the beauty of mother, which you will enjoy reading.

Poem on Children’s Day

Children Day Poem

1. On Children

On this special day, we gather ’round,
To celebrate the treasures we’ve found.
In the eyes of children, pure and bright,
We see the world’s future, a shining light.

Their laughter, like music, fills the air,
Their dreams and hopes, are beyond compare.
In their innocence, we find our way,
On this Children’s Day, we all say “Hooray!”

With hearts so open, minds so keen,
They teach us what it means to dream.
In their smiles, we see a world so kind,
A place of love, where all can find.

So let’s cherish the children, far and near,
Hold them close, and keep them dear.
For in their presence, we’re truly blessed,
On Children’s Day, they are the best.

Their boundless joy, a source of grace,
In their little hands, the future’s embrace.
On this day, with love, we say,
Happy Children’s Day, in every way.

2. My Precious Child

In innocence, you bloom and play,
On this special Children’s Day.
With laughter in your sparkling eyes,
Beneath the open, endless skies.

You’re a treasure, pure and bright,
A source of boundless, pure delight.
With dreams that reach the highest skies,
In your heart, the world’s a prize.

In your small hands, potential lies,
To change the world, to reach the skies.
You’re the future, full of grace,
A light to shine in every place.

So, on this day, we celebrate,
The love, the joy, that you create.
My precious child, so dear and mild,
You’re a gift, forever, our source of pride.

3. Children’s Day

Children’s Day, a time to play,
Innocence and smiles, come what may.
Little hearts, so pure and free,
In their world, what wonders they see.

With dreams that soar like birds in flight,
Imagination taking its height.
Their laughter, like a joyful song,
In their presence, we all belong.

Their tiny hands hold hope so bright,
Their love, a beacon, a guiding light.
On Children’s Day, let’s celebrate,
The joy of youth, before it’s too late.

They are the future, so let’s stand tall,
Nurture their dreams, catch them when they fall.
In their laughter, we find our way,
On this Children’s Day, let’s all sway.

For in their innocence, the world’s reborn,
A chance to heal what may be torn.
Children, you are the future’s clay,
On this special day, we honor your play.

4. The Children’s Hour

In the realm of laughter and play,
On this special Children’s Day,
Little hearts so pure and bright,
Fill the world with sheer delight.

Their innocence, a precious treasure,
Brings joy beyond all measure,
In the children’s hour, we find,
Love and hope intertwined.

Let’s celebrate the young and small,
For they are the future, after all,
On this day, let us convey,
Happy Children’s Day, hooray!

5. My Childhood

In the realm of youth, where dreams take flight,
Lies my childhood, a world so bright,
With laughter, games, and skies so blue,
A time when every day was new.

Innocence and wonder, hand in hand,
In my childhood, where I’d stand,
Exploring life with eager eyes,
Underneath the endless skies.

Climbing trees and scraped-up knees,
Imagination’s endless seas,
My childhood days, a priceless treasure,
Filling life with boundless pleasure.

As I grow, those memories stay,
Guiding me along the way,
Oh, dear childhood, forever in my heart,
A timeless bond that’ll never depart.


The godly seed, a gift divine,
Innocence and grace entwine,
A future full of hope and light,
Blossoming in the gentlest sight.

Nurtured with love, they’ll surely grow,
In wisdom’s stream, they’ll learn and know,
The godly seed, our hearts’ delight,
Guiding us towards a future bright.

In their laughter and their play,
We glimpse a world of a brand-new day,
The godly seed, a promise, indeed,
In their presence, our souls are freed.

Let us cherish and protect with care,
The godly seed, beyond compare,
For in their eyes, we see the way,
To a better world, a brighter day.

7. A Child in the Garden

When to the garden of
untroubled thought
I came of late, and
saw the open door,

And wished again to
enter, and explore
The sweet, wild ways with
stainless bloom inwrought,

And bowers of innocence
with beauty fraught,
It seemed some purer
voice must speak before

I dared to tread that
garden loved of yore,
That Eden lost an unknown
and found unsought.

Then just within the
gate I saw a child, —
A stranger-child, yet to
my heart most dear;

He held his hands to
me, and softly smiled
With eyes that knew
no shade of sin or fear:

“Come in,” he said, “and
play awhile with me;”
“I am the little child
you used to be.”

8. Nature s Child

In the embrace of nature wild,
Roams a free and joyful child,
Among the trees, by riverside,
Nature’s child, so open-eyed.

With barefoot steps on earth’s green floor,
They explore, and so much more,
Whispering winds and birds in song,
In their presence, they belong.

Muddy hands and sun-kissed face,
In nature’s beauty, they find their place,
Learning lessons from the wild and free,
Beneath the shade of every tree.

Nature’s child, a heart so pure,
In the world of outdoors, they endure,
Teaching us to love and care,
For the earth, so lush and fair.

Let us cherish this gift so mild,
The essence of nature’s loving child,
For they remind us to protect and save,
The wonders of the world they bravely brave.

9. My Dear Child

My dear child, with eyes so bright,
You fill my world with pure delight,
In your laughter, I find my cheer,
In your presence, love is clear.

You’re a treasure, a gift so sweet,
In your innocence, hearts meet,
With every hug and every smile,
You make life truly worthwhile.

As you grow and start to explore,
I’ll be with you forevermore,
My dear child, forever near,
Guiding you through each hope and fear.

In your journey, I see the way,
To a future filled with a brighter day,
My dear child, please always know,
You’re loved more than words can show.

10. Where Do The Children Grow

A question that we often know,
As time moves on and years pass by,
Innocence fades, like a distant sky.

In fields of dreams and endless play,
They danced in sunlight, day by day,
But as they age, the world may show,
Challenges and paths they must go.

“Where do the children grow?”
In our hearts, their spirits flow,
Guiding us with wisdom and grace,
Their growth, a wondrous, lifelong chase.

Through trials, laughter, tears, and more,
They learn what life has in store,
“Where do the children grow?” we ask,
In the future’s uncertain, but loving grasp.

With love and care, we’ll help them find,
Their way in life, one step at a time,
“Where do the children grow?” we’ll see,
In their dreams and who they choose to be.


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